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Fall River Honey

It's Just The Way The Bees Made It!

Welcome to our family farm, where nature's sweetness finds its way from our family farm to your kitchen table. As American Family Beekeepers, we take pride in our roots and our commitment to working with American Family Farms.

Fall River Honey 
A Commitment to Quality

Our journey begins amidst the enchanting sainfoin blossoms, carefully selected for their abundant nectar. But our connection to the land runs deeper than just the honey we produce. Sainfoin, with its regenerative properties, isn't just good for the bees; it enriches the very soil it thrives in. This sustainable practice reflects our dedication to preserving the environment.

The finest quality biodynamic raw honey from our family farm to your table!

Pure Raw, Unprocessed Goodness

"We believe in preserving honey as nature intended. Our raw honey retains its natural health benefits, untouched by excessive heat or processing. When you taste Fall River Honey, you experience the pure essence of sweetness from the hive."

Discover the unmatched flavor and purity of our Honey where tradition, sustainability, and nature's finest craftsmanship come together in every golden drop.

Raw Honey is a perfect food

"Raw Honey, distinct from sugar, offers a rich flavor profile and is packed with nutrients. Despite its calorie density, it's favored by athletes for post-exercise recovery. Heating honey can reduce its nutritional value, but its enduring appeal lies in its unique properties."
Pure Raw Unfiltered Honey